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What are the bingo games? How to play?

Bingo Bingo choose 8 numbers from 80 numbers, you can bet 1 to 5 stars, 20 bingo numbers are drawn each time in 5 minutes. : The super prize number, guess size, odd and even number of bingo in the special number method, which method is suitable for you? Let’s keep watching~


Bingo Super Prize Number

Super Prize Bingo is a bit like a lottery special number. One of the Bingo lottery numbers is a Super Prize number, which can be used to guess the odd and even numbers of Bingo (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are odd, while 2, 4, and 6 are odd numbers). , 8 is an even number) and size (numbers 1~40 are small, 41~80 are large), the odds of size and odd-even play are both 1.96, and this is also an exclusive bingo game only available in online casinos. But can’t find it!

guess size

The bingo size game rule is that in the bingo lottery numbers, if the number of small numbers 1~40 is greater than or equal to 13, the result is small, on the contrary, if the number of large numbers 41~80 is greater than or equal to 13, it is big!

For example, in the following figure, there are 7 decimals and 13 large numbers in the lottery number, so the result is big.

The recent lottery draws at the bottom right also include “Bingo Card Road” for your reference. You are not afraid of making random bets without any direction. It is easy to understand and very suitable for beginners who are new to underground color ball betting.

The above two are the most popular bingo game teaching, so after understanding the rules of bingo game, you will be curious about the probability of bingo bingo? What is the bingo winning amount? The game is simple and fun, but the chances of winning are low, so let’s keep reading!

What are the odds of winning Bingo?

bingo bingo winning odds are much higher than other lotto games and are welcomed by lottery fans. Taiwan Lottery 539 has only a 1 in 580,000 chance of winning. Bingo bingo has 80 numbers drawn out of 20 and then chooses 8 numbers. The odds of winning are 10%! How much is 5 stars in bingo? The odds of winning 5 stars are 1:400, and you can get 40,000 yuan if you bet 100 yuan to win! An iPhone is easy to get ~ Even if you only win 1 star, the odds are 3.2, which is equivalent to betting 100 yuan and winning 320 yuan. Playing Bingo Bingo with Xiaoboda is so easy~

How does bingo win?

The main event is here! What is “Bingo Road”? Although the rhythm of bingo draws is fast, you must not be led by the nose. Observing the road using data to analyze bingo is the only way to win money. The editor of Jin Dafa finally heard from experienced bingo players ” Bingo card drawing direction” is secretly revealed for your reference:

Bingo number cold and popular classification: record 10 bingo cold numbers and bingo hot numbers in the last 20 issues respectively, select 5 numbers from the hot numbers and bet with the unpopular numbers, the chance of winning will be much higher!
Bingo Bingo Number Picking Number & Mantissa Draw Cards: You can see the last 10 bingo lottery numbers, almost all groups have consecutive numbers, from the second, third and even the fourth consecutive number, bingo The probability of bingo consecutive numbers is really high; except for consecutive cards like 10, 11, and 12, numbers with the same tail number such as 02, 12, 22, and 32 are also very common bingo rules! Take 110011058 as an example, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are drawn with 3 numbers, and 1 and 9 are drawn with 2 numbers, which is very suitable for bingo packs to increase the chance of winning.

Lianzhuang Algorithm Bingo winning probability is high: the same number is called Lianzhuang, and the editor takes 10 consecutive Bingo Bingo lottery numbers to count the proportion of consecutive winnings, such as the 16th and 3 consecutive draws in 10 periods. God, and in addition to the Lianzhuang number, the editor also found that it is also very common to issue every other period. Judging from these 10 issues, those who have followed up to the 73rd are really making a lot of money, and all 10 issues are open! If you bet 100 yuan in each period, you will earn 3,200 yuan immediately.

Where is bingo online betting?

Playing games is just to make money, what else would you do? The odds are the point! Of course, you can earn more if you spend the same amount of money! I believe that everyone has seen the difference in the odds of underground bingo and Taiwan lottery in the above, but! Not every online casino version has such sweet odds. It is well known that the odds of Bingo Bingo are high, and the withdrawal is stable so that the money you win will really come in. your pocket! Don’t hurry up and join the game with a knife!


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