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Take you to know slot machines and machine terminology

Early Slot Machine (Stepper)

The earliest slot machines are quite simple and easy to understand. On the 1×3 interface, as long as the same figure appears in three grids, you can win the prize.

Here we care about the expected value of how much money the player gets back, so it is: all possible scores x the probability of this score. Under the setting of the above rules, as long as the symbols on the screen are the same, the player can get 5 times the betting score, so all the scores are: the sum of the three lines of K, Q, J, 10 and 9. First, take the third-line score of K as an example to calculate:
First round 1K
Round 2 1K
3rd round with 2 kings
Therefore, the number of combinations of the three rows of K is 1 x 1 x 2 = 2, and the length of the three wheels is 6, so the total number of combinations is 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. Then it can be calculated that the probability of K triple connection is 2/216, and the RTP is 5 x 2/216 = 10/216. Then, the RTP of the three connection scores of Q, J, 10, and 9 is also calculated and added together, which is the total RTP of the game for this setting.

Modern Slot Machine (Video Slot)

With the development of technology, from the original physical roller to digitalization, there are more scoring methods.

This is a 3×5 lines game with a total of 25 lines. The rules of the game are scored from the very beginning to the 25 lines set by the game. All points are scored on the third, fourth, and fifth lines. Lines have different odds. At first glance, the score line is densely packed, which seems complicated, but in fact, it is not difficult to understand his rules. Next, I would like to share with you the calculation of this multi-line online game.

Line 25:

Although the number of calculated lines has changed from 1 line to 25 lines, because the game method is mostly line selection betting, that is, you can choose whether to buy that line, and pay the BET of that line when the symbol falls. When you are on that line , you will get the corresponding multiple according to BET. If you choose not to bet, there will be no compensation if the symbol lands on the line. Except for some special rules, the RTP of each line is the same and independent. Yes, so apart from some special rules, multi-line algorithms are the same as single-line algorithms.

3 companies, 4 companies, 5 companies:

Unlike the 1 x 3 board, the 3 x 5 board has more score combinations.
Scattering: Under normal circumstances, you don’t need to be online, as long as the screen appears. Under certain rules, the wheels from left to right may not appear consecutively. It depends on the rules of the game. So when calculating, a SCATTER in the wheel (the wheel has 3 grids) has 3 chances of falling. On the screen, the number will be x 3 when calculating.


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There are also changes according to the rules of the game. Some can replace SCATTER, some will appear on the first reel. When calculating, it should be noted that since WILD can replace a symbol, when calculating the symbol in the wheel, if the symbol can be replaced by WILD, the number of WILD must also be included, such as {K, K, W, K, K} and {K, K, K, K, K} are K five companies.

Slot machine odds of winning

Casino no gold slot machines are profitable because their built-in programs only allow players to win a portion of the jackpot. And the slot machines are designed and tested to make sure you don’t lose money. The odds on Ontario slot machines are designed to pay out 85% or more of the total winnings. That said, casinos can earn up to 15% of the bet on each slot machine. The odds in slot machines are usually not great. Casinos make money because they keep a certain percentage of bets. The remaining bet not deducted will be lost to the player at random odds. Slot machine odds are based on thousands and millions of parts per spin. That is, the outcome of each round cannot be predicted or calculated. Today, some players win big money from a certain slot machine. Indicates what will happen on a certain day at the same casino. However, not all slot machines have the same percentage. For the same game, as long as the version design is different, the built-in return rate is between 85% and 98%. But since these different versions of slot machines all look the same, players have no way of knowing the payoff of an individual slot machine. Although it is possible to calculate the odds of winning and losing in general gambling games, only slot machines do not provide the necessary information for players to know.

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Machine Terminology

1. RTP

RTP is the English abbreviation of return to player. It is one of the important reference indicators for playing slot machines. It usually refers to the “return to player rate”, which is the money given back to players by slot machines. It is often displayed as a percentage. The proportion of players betting, the higher the data, the more beneficial it is to the players. The RTP of common slot machine games falls between 85% and 98%.

2. jackpot

Jackpot translates into “Jackpot”, “Jackpot” or “Big Prize” in Chinese. And Jackpot’s slot machine game is also called Progressive Jackpot Slot, or Progressive Slot, which is divided into two categories: stand-alone accumulation (sap) and multi-machine online accumulation (lap), which can be subdivided into more different types. Accumulation method and payout mechanism. This kind of slot machine draws a certain amount of money invested by players into the jackpot, forming a huge bonus. The Jackpot jackpot is usually limited to a bet of three chips at a time, so players should not play progressive slot machines if they only bet one chip at a time.

3.Pay Table

Pay Tableu refers to “Pay Table”. If players want to increase their odds and win attractive huge bonuses, the first thing to do before placing a bet is to check the winning payout table attached to the game. The payout table will definitely list the values of various symbols in detail for players to check. A more important information is the payline (Win Lines) to be introduced below.

4. Win Lines

Win Lines means “winning line, pay line, pay line” in Chinese, which refers to one or more line segments in slot machine games. If the connection is successful, you can get a relative bonus. There are usually many ways to play slot machines. Players can choose to bet on only one winning line, of course, they can also bet on multiple lines. Just remember: the more lines you choose, the higher the amount you need to bet. Most slot machines have at least 20, or even more than 1,000 paylines, whether you want to go horizontally, straightly or obliquely.

5. Bonus Symbol

The “bonus symbol” of a slot machine. These symbols lead to additional free games or bonus games. The common bonus symbols are: Free Spins, Scatter and Wild.

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