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Let novices understand the difference between xgbet online “slot machines” VS offline slot machines!

xgbet Online “slot machines”

The basic modes of xgbet online “slot machine” games are 3-reel and 5-reel xgbet slot machines. Volume 3 and 5 options are for medium and those players who intend to play for longer durations of money. Online slot machine with 5 reel machine lines, each line will have 5 to 21 bonuses with two types: namely bonus games and free spins.

A payline is a line of symbols that the player should be able to win. Standard xgbet slot games have only a single payline and to offer a larger variety, online slot machines have created multiple payline slots. Multiple payline slot games offer many paylines, and each payline will range from 2 to 9.

This necessarily means that the machine can dispense with a win depending on how the player perceives the reels. For example, there are 5 lines, each line is positioned in the center, up and down. There is another, from the upper left symbol, and runs to the lower center, and terminates in the upper right corner. The fifth payline is the last, but starts in the upper right corner.

When you stake multiple paylines in xgbet online slots you are betting on each payline.

Multiple payline machines offer the option to choose lines, bet on every line or bet on all lines, with a minimum bet per line. Remember, multiple paylines are best with a huge budget in mind!

Classic xgbet slot games are the most common, including 3-reel and 1-reel twenty-two position payline machines. Each reel is clearly marked with a different symbol and after the completion of the three reels the spin will stop and you will find the selected symbol in the casual game window. Each combination represents a different payout, and it’s easy to decipher what your payout is.

Video xgbet slot games

on the other hand are those that do not have reels, but have automatic slots and are computer generated, which is typical in online casinos. Online slot video slot machines have better graphics and more variety.

The bonus features a combination of classic slot games, reels and video slots. The bonus feature slot is activated when a symbol appears defining the group, which is symbolic of free spins.

Slot game slots, each bet placed on a progressive slot game is the key to winning is played to maximize the number of coins that grow.

The Difference Between “Slot Machine” xgbet Online Slot Games and Traditional Slot Games]

How xgbet Online Slots Play

Today’s xgbet slot games are programmed with a computer that continuously selects a set of random numbers. Most slot game programs use C or Java. More and more providers of online slot machines are moving to web browsers. version, which lets you play games without downloading or installing game software on your desktop.

Software such as Macromedia Flash and Java Applet are usually used to develop casino games without downloading. But you need to have the animation plugin installed in your browser for it to display the flash xgbet slot.

Like traditional xgbet slot machines, online slot machines are a random game. No matter what programming language the online slot game uses, there will always be a random number generator in the slot of the online slot machine. When the player clicks the “spin” button or pulls the handle, the computer starts spinning the reels and eventually stops at the random number generator generated by the sequence corresponding to the various symbols.

How the traditional slots game is played

The technology of slot machines has also changed a lot in recent years. The time slot of classical mechanics has been almost completely replaced by slot machine boxes controlled by computer chips.

The slot game has remained the same, but many things have changed in the background. The player pulls the handle to turn a series of reels (usually three) with pictures printed on them. The reel stops where the computer chip stops it. The picture is combined with the payline, and wins or losses are determined based on whether the line is in the middle of a viewing window.

The xgbet slot machine program returns explosive percentages to players. That is, sometimes nothing comes out (often) and sometimes a whole lot comes (rare, but exciting). It’s a great windfall lure (or even a small breeze) that gets Tiger players excited. After all, the guts of the computer are the sequences that make you richer and richer, and the heartbeat that comes with that knowledge. So the casino can return 92 cents because it gives us more than eight cents worth for every dollar we put into the machine.

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Casino xgbet “slot machines”

Travel back in time to the fun-filled past of America’s Wild West and meet its famous but eccentric characters! Freaky Wild West Jackpot Slots is a cartoon style arcade slot game with five reels and thirty paylines!

While playing this game, you can visit three different locations: Bandits Valley, Indians Village, and Sheriff Town. Each location offers its own unique bonus game. Once you’ve won a bonus game and it’s over, you can choose another location to start a new adventure.

What makes the game unique is the rules that start the bonus game. To start the bonus game, you need to collect the specified number of symbols. For each location, the number of symbols that need to be collected in order to start the bonus game is different, and the rules for collecting symbols are also different.

How to Play Wild West xgbet Slot Game

“Collect Symbols”

There are three different locations in the game: Robber’s Hollow, Indian Village and Sheriff’s Town. Your current location is color-coded on the map above the reels.

Each position offers its own bonus game that requires some collected symbols to start the game. In order to collect a symbol, you need two of it appearing on the center positions of the second and fourth reels.

Once collected, symbols appear on the bar below the reels. Note that the same symbol cannot be collected twice at the same spot.

xgbet betting

To set the number of active paylines, use the Bet Once button. Press the button once and the number of active paylines will increase by 1. Once the maximum number of paylines has been reached, clicking the Bet button one more time will reset the value to 1. The paylines area displays the number of selected paylines. The active payline is highlighted on the screen.

Paylines can be activated by clicking the various colored number buttons on either side of the reels. To bet on four paylines, click button 4 – as a result paylines 1, 2, 3, 4 will be activated.

To set the bet for each payline, use the Line price (Line Bet +) and (Line Bet -) buttons to adjust. Each time the button is clicked, the line bet increases. When the currency cap is reached, the + button becomes disabled. When the line bet minimum is reached, the – button becomes disabled. The Line price box shows the amount wagered on each payline.

The total bet area shows the total bet amount.

To start the reeling, click the Spin button.

To bet the maximum amount on the payline, use the Max Bet control button. Clicking Max Bet will automatically spin the reels with the maximum number of lines and maximum coin bet per payline.

Click the Paytable button to view payouts. To return to the main game screen, click the Back to Game button.

You can refer to the Paytable at any time for additional information about benefits. Click the Rules and Features button on the payout screen to view information about game rules and bonus features.

Freaky Wild West Jackpot Slots has up to 30 paylines! Paylines are straight or zigzag lines across a symbol on each reel along which winning combinations are calculated. Each payline is highlighted on the game screen with a specific color.

rotate result

If a winning combination occurs along any of the paylines, the combination will animate and the total amount won will be displayed next to the corresponding payline. The corresponding field in the paytable will start flashing.

All symbols appearing on consecutive reels on an active payline pay from left to right.

Winning amounts listed on the paytable are multiplied by the line stake.

Note that only the highest winning combination per active payline will be paid out.

The win box on the control panel will show the total amount won. If winning combinations line up along multiple paylines, the payouts are added together.

auto turn option

This option allows to initiate a series of spin repeats, while the selected coin value and number of paylines remain the same. You can choose from 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 autospins.

Clicking the 5x button initiates 5 autospins.

Clicking the 10x button starts 10 autospins.

Clicking the Autospin button opens the screen to set the number of autospins.

When the auto turn function is activated, the turn button will be replaced with a stop button. You can stop the axle at any time by using the stop controls, or by clicking anywhere on the axle.

Rebate rate

The reward rate of the game is as high as 93.63%.

bonus game

You can try up to three fun-filled bonus games!

The Indian Gold Bonus Game starts when any 4 (four) symbols are collected in the Indian Village.

You will choose 3 of the 5 current prize pools and guess which one has the most money hidden in it.

Collect any 6 (six) symbols in Robber’s Hollow to play the Safe Thief bonus game.

You will be given 5 dynamites to blow up any 5 of the 9 safes! Choose wisely and fill your pockets with money!

Just collect 8 (eight) symbols and start playing the most lucrative Shoot the Robbers bonus game in Sheriff’s Town.

Your goal is to shoot 15 robbers and stop them from robbing the bank!

A bonus symbol combination anywhere on an active payline does not itself pay out. It is only used to trigger the corresponding bonus game!

Your bonus game win depends on the bet you placed before the bonus game was activated. Points earned are shown on the final bonus game screen.

xgbet Other functions

xgbet Slot machines offer a jackpot feature. All bets wagered on any of the 30 paylines earn the progressive jackpot. Jackpots on any active payline can be won by combining 5 dealers.

Free spins are triggered when there are at least 2 wizards anywhere on the reels:

2 – 3 free spins;

3 – 5 free spins;

4 – 15 free spins;

5 – 30 free spins.

During the free spins, if three or more Scatter symbols appear on the active reels, the player will get more free spins. The number of free spins will be accumulated on top of the original number. Bonus Games and the jackpot can also be won during free spins. During free spins, the reels will automatically start spinning without the player needing to click the spin button. Your valid bet during the free spins is the same as when the free spins were originally triggered.

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