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Lead you to know baccarat game

Microphone articles:

Boundless: The cards may be 1, 2 or 3 points. The 1-3 points on the cards are concentrated in the middle position, so no points are generated on both sides.
Sided: 4 to 10 points in poker cards, minus 1-3 points for the hands other than J, Q, and K.
Both sides: It means that the card may appear 4 or 5 points. The 4 or 5 points on the card are two points on the left and right sides, although they are called two sides.
Three sides: 6, 7, and 8 points may appear. The left and right sides of the 6-8 points on the card are composed of 3 points.
Four sides: 9 or 10 points may appear.
Blowing Cards: It means blowing all the bad luck on the cards when the player plays the wicket.
Sucking cards: Refers to sucking all the good luck on the cards when the player sucks the cards.
Top card: refers to the meaning of prayer, the meaning of praying for the blessing of the gods.

baccarat Brand term:

Hundreds of Fame Roads: Refers to the most suitable prediction results in the baccarat game.
One-sided jump: After the banker has been open or idle in the game, suddenly there is a reverse opening in the next game.
Changzhuang: In the game, the dealer has always been opened, which can also be called Changlong.
Long idle: In the game, always open a house and idle home, also known as a long dragon.
Double jump: After opening the banker all the time, suddenly opening the idle twice in a row.
Horse Jump: Zhuang and Xian have been staggering out.

Dealer Terminology:

Boot Cards: Baccarat games consist of 8 decks of playing cards as a boot card.
Hanging cards: The dealer has to change a boot card when the total number of cards is half.
Showing cards: The dealer is in the process of changing new cards.
Deletion of cards: After the dealer replaces new cards, it is stipulated that the first 6 cards must be removed.

baccarat Player terms:

Rush: When the fortune is prosperous, you must go straight.
Retire: You must wait when the fortune does not come.
Long Feet: May be 4 or 5 or 9 or 10.
Stretching: It means that the dealer does not make up points when he can perform an out.
Feet: Refers to points that do not require outs.
Flat Road: It means that the probability of the banker and the player opening is the same.
Turtle: The meaning of the shrunken turtle refers to the 5 points on the card.
On the road: It refers to a sudden reverse drive on a flat road.
Qingtian Road: all the way has been smooth.
Sangu: Refers to a draw between the banker and the player.
Nine-day card: refers to the direct nine-point victory in the card game.
Supreme card: refers to the meaning of winning money all the time.
Sangu: Refers to a draw between the banker and the player.
Pass: Refers to the probability of losing on the board.
Handicap: It refers to a card that is obtained with bad luck.
Dust: Refers to a hand that cannot be saved.
Selling duck eggs: Originally predicted to win but ended up losing.
Eat Turtle: Refers to getting a good point, but the opponent has a higher point, kicking the iron plate meaning.

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