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Debunking the Myth About Slot Machines

Slot Machine Probability Formula Calculation

Compared with the previous manual slot machine form, whether it is a casino or an online platform, it has changed to a screen and button slot machine. Since it is a computer machine, there must be a background setting program. The probability can be estimated. ? Do you think so, do you often read articles about the slot machine cracking formula, but you can’t get the bonus smoothly as mentioned above? That’s because slot machines are far from as simple as you think!

Although the machines are like claw machines in the streets and alleys, most of them have a fixed lottery mechanism, but these program settings have no absolute value. The concept of slot machine cracking that everyone often comes into contact with is nothing more than an idling mechanism. After winning the lottery, the prize will be given out, but unless you have a large amount of principal and a lot of time to spend with this machine today, the average player will have no way of knowing how much bet money and games the slot machine in front of you has accumulated. The number of times, not to mention that each slot machine will be adjusted and internally set according to the dealer’s wishes. It is quite troublesome for players to crack the slot machine based on the so-called probability formula.

Slot Machine Reel Pattern Assignment

Have you ever carefully studied the reel pattern assignment of a slot machine? Although there are many types of slot machines, in fact, the pattern configurations of all kinds of machines are similar, and the design of the machine awards will be slightly different. On the surface, what the players see is the appearance of evenly distributed patterns. Different results will appear depending on the adjustment mechanism of the machine. In addition to the obvious number of patterns allocated, the distribution of symbols for winning small money accounts for the vast majority, and the machine is also very prone to three out of two situations.

What does three in two represent? Generally speaking, the jackpot design of the slot machine is that the jackpot logo appears on three reels at the same time, which means winning the jackpot. However, the machine likes to make you unable to open the third one after you win two, creating the illusion that you are almost winning. Inciting the player’s gambler mentality, making the player have the illusion of winning, but in fact, the chance of turning to the jackpot pattern is very small, let alone try to use the eyes to capture the reel logo to achieve the purpose of slot machine cracking.

Slot Machines Automatic and Manual Mechanisms

The methods of slot machine games have their own supporters. There is a set of slot machine cracking methods circulating whether the game is played manually or automatically, but will the machine really produce different results because you are manual or automatic? The answer is no. Players must remember that under the conditions set internally, the result of the general environment is always in favor of the banker, and the only one who smiles at the players is the goddess of luck who comes occasionally.

Many players who like to play slot machines to kill time are used to using low-principal automatic betting. Anyway, they just let it spin slowly, and as long as they hit a big one, they can make money back. With this mentality, the game runs for two or three hours, and the principal has already been lost, because the principal of a bet is not particularly large, and the psychology of making up for the player’s expectations will also be reduced. In the short term You may not feel much, and you will lose a considerable amount of money without knowing it in the long run.

Some players may say that manual betting is the secret technique of slot machine cracking! But the process of manual betting has not stepped into the dealer’s sweet trap step by step? There is no way to change the background setting of the slot machine if you choose the time to stop the rotation or the number of consecutive rotations. It is also easy to cause afterimages in the vision due to the rapid rotation of the machine, and then you can pause the machine at the desired moment. All in all, it is an unfair bet.

Slot machine illusion of winning

The rewards are opened and opened, and a large number of gold coins appear on the screen, isn’t it easy to make people feel good? The slot machine ushered in successive winning screens, but after returning the points to the account, it was found that the winnings were not as much as imagined, and even the previous principal was not won back. This is the “false win” mentality provided by the slot machine. Provide player rewards over and over again to entice players to continue to bet or raise, holding the mental state of “almost winning!” or “can win another big one!”, plus The seven-point rendering of the screen image makes it easy to get lost in the trap of the machine. In fact, the amount you get for each bet is not equal to the number you bet. This kind of psychological struggle is precisely the biggest trap of the slot machine, and it is also the biggest trap for players. most in need of prevention.

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Slot Machines Money Winning TipsFind out which slot machine is right for you

In slot machines, there are often players who do not know what kind of machine is suitable for them, or do not understand the operation of the machine, which will affect the play of the secret of winning money in the slot machine; but basically there are five types of machines, 3 rolls , 5-reel type, multi-line type, and jackpot type. Each machine has its own characteristics and basic rules. In the early stage, it is recommended for novice players to operate in the simplest way. The rules of the machine must be able to grasp the knack of winning money from the slot machine. The following is a brief explanation of the differences between the machines.

1. Classic 3-reel slot machine

In the slot machine, it is quite recommended for novices, as long as 5 lines are the same, it is the winning line.

2. Banknote 5-roll type slot machine

In line with the current popular trend, it has new digital features, and it has a variety of special reward modes, so that players can have more ways to experience the game and earn bonuses at the same time. It is also recommended for novices, and the operation is not good. overcomplicated.

3. Complex multi-line slot machine

With high bonuses but complicated features, the machine has 25 to 100 winning lines. For familiar players, it is a type of machine that can be tried, and it is a highly rewarding slot machine. You must bet a certain amount of chips to be rewarded, so it is not recommended for novice players to experience it at the beginning.

4. Jackpot type slot machine

It is the same type as the banknote 5-reel slot machine in point 2. The method of use is that the player puts banknotes into the machine, and the machine’s prize pool accumulates to a certain extent, and a large sum of prize money will be reaped at one time, which is quite lucky. The ingredients, the level of access does not distinguish between novice or veteran.

As long as the above players grasp the right timing and observe whether the machine has accumulated a certain amount of money, if there is a chance, as long as they grasp the essentials, they can crack the best machine.

Slot machine The secret to winning money must understand the cycle

In the slot machine itself, the machine itself has three periods, which are eating period, spit period, and transition period. After figuring out the secret of winning money in the slot machine, the success rate will be directly increased to 70% in the first step. Master it well. Test it now!

1. Eat in installments

The characteristic is to eat big and spit small, which means that you must bet a large amount of money to have a chance to exchange for a small bonus. If you want to test whether the machine is biting, you can make a bet with a small amount of money first. If there is no response, then Try another machine to try your luck.

2. Spit period

The characteristic is to eat small and spit big, which means that if you bet a small amount of money, you have a high probability of winning the prize. At this time, players should take good care of the period of spit points. If you allocate the betting chips well, you can have higher rewards, so Before the initial betting, players can try to make a small fortune.

3. Transition period

The characteristics are good and bad, and it is the most troublesome in the cycle, and it is difficult to identify the current state, so many players try again and again, but they can’t find the reason for the pattern. The current way of dealing with the installment, there is no response after a small trial , you can choose to change another machine directly.

Therefore, in order to improve the speed of winning money from slot machines, in addition to choosing the right machine, it is also very important to understand the cycle of slot machines!

Slot Machine Winning Tips Memorizing Odds Numbers

Have you ever heard the secret of winning money from slot machines? Players who haven’t heard of it, check it out! Copy the notes down, and you will be guaranteed to know the inside story of the slot machine winning money at a glance.

1. House edge 5 to 20%

No matter in the online entertainment city or the physical casino, the formula and rebate of the slot machine will be set. For example, the general casino will have a 5 to 20% advantage. In order to earn the player’s bet, the casino will give feedback for every 1000 bets on average. The bet is 800 to 950 yuan, so the rebate rate is 80 to 95%, and the casino is to earn the bet, and many players do not know that in fact, according to this method, it is easy to earn small bonuses, and lose more The more money, the bet lost at the same time is to subsidize other players who bet with higher chips.

2. Beware of machine traps

Have you ever wondered why many players can’t restrain their desperate betting in the process of playing the machine table? It is because the machine often leaks to the players, and there are signs that they will be able to get back the big prize. If you want to crack it, you must deposit a small amount of money. Spit installments and add more bets.

Slot Machine Winning Tips

1. Allocation of Funds

In any game, it is very important to do a good job of the stop loss point and the allocation of chips, but the best way is to divide the chips into 10 and 20 equal parts, so as to make bets, it is not only effective Knowing the current use of chips, you can lock in the winnings, but if you can’t get the feel of the machine that day, you can stop the loss immediately.

2. Appropriately raise the bet

If the player finds that the machine has the possibility of vomiting the period during the betting, he can increase the bet, because the overall winning rate will also increase when the bet is increased, but if the player is worried about the uncertainty of the machine, he can Find out the odds of the machine from the payout table, and use this to calculate whether the odds are affordable and acceptable for the player.

3. Online slot machines

If the player does not have a specific choice for the difference between physical slot machines and online slot machines, it is highly recommended that players try online casinos, where they can experience more novel machines, among which the most recommended is the bonus slot machine, because similar machines It has BOUNS itself and can also trigger free games, not only a small investment can get quite good results, so the CP value is very high.

in conclusion

By mentioning so many myths about slot machines, I don’t mean to tell you that you should never play slot machines, but I hope that you must correct your mentality before playing, calculate the principal within your ability to play, and don’t be fooled by the Internet. Some so-called strategy secret techniques lost their eyes, and then bet unaffordable amounts to fight for life and death. If it is really so easy to win, then why does the dealer open a casino? And why don’t players just play slot machines every day to win money? Slot machine is a chance entertainment, you have a chance to win, don’t be overly obsessed with gains and losses, keep the virtue of accepting as soon as it is good or come back next time, let’s play happily together.

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