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Baccarat Tips

Baccarat winning formula

The origin of this Baccarat Tips win-win method is very scientific, because it is well known that both casinos and baccarat system providers are the ones who really make money. Players only have baccarat secrets. Top players can really make money.

How to be like them? it’s actually really easy! Because the casino is the strongest winning party, it means that the bets on both sides of the banker and the player must be uneven, there must be one side with a higher bet amount, and the side with the higher bet amount must lose.

Why does it say that the side with the higher bet must lose? In fact, think about it for yourself. If the place with high bet volume always wins, then won’t the casino or system operator lose money?

Therefore, according to the theory that the dealer is a long-term winner, we can conclude that the side with high bet has a higher chance of losing, so if you bet on the side with less bet for a long time, you can win more and lose less.

At this time, some people will jump out and say that casinos and system providers rely on water money to make money! But think about it carefully, the premise of making money without losing money is based on the situation that the bet amount on both sides is 50%: 50%.

In other words, if the Libras on both sides of the bet are on the wrong side, the banker still has the possibility of losing money.

The specific operation method needs to be discerning, because you want to bet on the side with the least amount of betting, so you have to wait until the last second to see where the amount of betting is low before betting.

It should be noted that there are some special circumstances. One is that all the guests at the table are inclined to one side, then this one can be passed, because the bet amount is too large, and there must be a reason for so many people to bet on one side, so at this time Don’t sing the opposite.

Another situation is to see a certain high roller, each with a big gun, a single bet means a heavy bet, and he happens to have a strong transfer, winning more and losing less, then also PASS at this time, can not buy bets The party with the smaller amount will win the game, because it is generally not concave when there is a strong fortune, but this method can still be used when the high-roller fortune is gone.

Baccarat Tips
Baccarat Tips

Baccarat winning formula

The baccarat secret of the bright light method is not to gamble, but to gamblers. Among the group of gamblers, there must be strong luck people and bad tail people. Watching the light means to turn against the green.

If you see a gambler who buys ten and loses nine, you can definitely win a lot of hands against him. On the contrary, if you find that a gambler is possessed like a high-ranking player, and you win what you buy, then you must follow his ride closely, so you must also make money. This baccarat winning method is very effective. Just find the target person.

It should be noted that in many cases, gamblers will win and then lose all of a sudden, then this light will not be obvious, and you must find a particularly prominent light or a dark light, then follow them closely. Earn a lot.

And it is easy for you because you don’t have to worry about what the road is. Anyway, you have a bright lamp/lantern to guide you, so you don’t need to look at the road yourself. When using this method, you must have a firm will and cannot change halfway, because you have lost a lot of dead lamps. Occasionally, I will win a game or two, but according to past experience, it is not easy to brake after losing.

Another thing to pay attention to is that the original light of the Ming/Ming light is not obvious, or even goes out, and you need to change the light. If you can’t find a replacement light, you need to stop betting immediately to avoid losing money.

According to our years of experience and big data, it is easier to choose a lantern than a bright lantern, because the number of people who lose money is often several times the number of people who win.

When you gamble a little without direction, or keep pulling back and forth between winning and losing, buying lights is a more reliable compromise. Anyway, if you use this trick for a long time, you will find it is very effective and easy to win. Why not try it?

Baccarat Tips Betting Method 1: Vermont Betting Method

Write down the baccarat winning formula of 111111. The bets are added before and after. If you win, you will eliminate the number. If you lose, you will add the next 1 bet and the previous lost bet until the number is eliminated when you win. You can also start with 1 bet, write down the numbers if you lose, and use Monte Carlo betting if you lose 1 bet twice in a row.

Example: 111111, the first bet is 1+1=2 bet, if you win, the 2 bet will be eliminated, and the next bet will start from the 1 bet.

If you lose, you need to bet 2+1+3. If you pass 3, you will eliminate 3 bets and start with 1 bet. If you still lose, you need to bet 2+3+1=6, and so on for the next hundred. Knorr wins the game.

Baccarat Tips Betting Method 2: New Zealand Betting Method

Set the upper limit of the bet, and write a column of numbers to represent the bet, for example: 111222333, then add the numbers before and after to equal the next bet, if you win, add the winning bet on it, and if you lose, eliminate the two groups of numbers. This method is suitable for lucky or winning streak situations.

Example: 111222333, first bet 1+1=2 at the beginning, if you win, put 2 bets on it, and add the next number 1 bet, which is equal to betting 3 bets in the next hand.

If you lose, delete the two 1s, and continue to start from 1 in the next hand, which is basically the opposite of the previous Vermont method. It is suitable for use when you win, and the money you win will keep rushing up.

Baccarat Safe Play 3: The Nightingale Strategy

One of the most famous baccarat winning formulas, the Martingale strategy is to raise a double if you lose. This method can guarantee 100% of the cost of losing before and win as long as it is not broken. At the beginning of a single bet, Hong Kong people called this strategy “straight cable”.

However, it should be noted that your principal must be thick enough, and the casino has no related restrictions. Because some casinos or system chambers restrict gamblers from using this method, or they can only press 6 games in a row at most, but the probability of losing 6 games in a row is very, very low, only 1.5625%.

It means that you can win 98.4375% of the time. The vernacular is that in 100 times, theoretically you can only lose twice at most, and the other 98 times are all wins, so as long as you are not too weak now, even if you are in a place where there is a limit of 6 consecutive pressures You can still use this strongest formula.

Example: The Baccarat winning formula is 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 until you win.

Baccarat Tips Allocation Method 4: Boya Betting Method

Contrary to Nightingale’s method, the Boya betting method is to bet twice the amount in the next game after winning. This is a more aggressive betting method. If you win, you will add the winning money to the bet. If you lose Begin from the original amount.

Example: The winning formula of baccarat is the same as 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, but it is stopped when it loses and returns to 1 bet.

If you can integrate the above points, I believe you can definitely stand out among many gamers with the strongest formula of Baccarat Tips ….

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