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How much money do I need to invest to buy the Golden Tripod Algorithm?

Baccarat Golden Tripod Calculus series, since its inception, the word-of-mouth response from players has not been ideal. However, the most disgusting thing for the players who are learning is that the calculation method adopts a vicious segmented sales strategy, so that players have a way of inviting you to enter the urn, and hope that players will buy the next one after buying one. A book is expensive, and after stepping in it is like falling into an abyss, which makes it difficult for players to make a choice. If you want to continue to buy, you don’t know how much you will have to pay in the future. If you stop buying halfway, you are afraid of missing the opportunity and cannot learn the more inscrutable baccarat play. The person in the game is really dilemma.

Is Baccarat Golden Tripod Algorithm worth buying?

The Jinding series is expensive, but most readers feel that it is not worth the money after reading it. Buying a copy of Jinding for several thousand Hong Kong dollars can not learn much, and the theory is more than the actual, so readers feel cheated, and they have a lot of bad comments on Jinding.

What is the reputation of the Baccarat Golden Tripod Algorithm?

Most critics of Jinding have not thoroughly tested and studied its methods. Some have only read the elementary textbooks and jumped to the conclusion that the method of golden tripod baccarat is completely unworkable. Some people also said: I used the method of Jinding elementary textbook to go to the casino, but I lost and came back…….

First of all, I am just a person who likes to study baccarat and has nothing to do with Jinding. I’m not going to speak for Jinding or help them sell. I just want to introduce the Jinding local card counting method to my friends, so that they can learn more about this fast and effective banker-player method.

Basic Concept of Baccarat Golden Tripod Algorithm

Jinding local card counting is an anti-traditional card counting method, which is worthy of our in-depth study. The traditional baccarat card counting method is based on the principle of ‘big cards benefit the banker, small cards benefit the idlers’, and 6-10 is listed as a big card, which is beneficial to the banker. 1-5 are listed as low cards, which are good for the player. According to the strength and weakness of each type of card, they are given points respectively, and then the result obtained after adding and subtracting points from each other, if the number is positive, the banker will play, and if the number is negative, the player will play.

What is the actual win rate of Baccarat Golden Tripod Algorithm?

The Jinding partial card counting method is a departure from the traditional card counting method. There are several local card counting methods contained in this series, of which the most effective and practical method is the O method, also known as the fairy pointing method. Card counting is to divide the cards into three groups: 1. Neutral cards, Ace, 6, 7; 2. Positive cards, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 3. Female cards (8, 9, 10 J, QK). Fairy Guiding is a banker-player method (betting method) by counting only the negative cards (8, 9, 10, The number of J, Q, K) is an indicator of whether the next shop should be bought or sold. The rules for counting cards are as follows:

When the total number of negative cards is 3, 4, 5 or 6, the next bank will bet to buy player;

When the total number of negative cards is 0, 1, and 2, the next shop must bet to buy the banker;

Exception: The total number of negative cards is 2, but the deck is won with 4 cards, and the next deck is still betting on buy-player.

That is to say, we only need to observe a deck and count the number of negative cards, and then we can decide the direction to bet in the next deck. This method is easier and more scientific than the method published by Taiwanese student Jimmy. It is easier and more scientific to see whether the difference between the second-hand banker and the idler is increasing or decreasing, and then decide the direction of the bet.

I once used the method of the fairy to guide the way, using 100 boots to test, each boot is fixed at 65 shops, excluding the opening and the result, the number of shops that hit is 3,263, and the hit rate is 50.2%

The complete 13-type teaching strategy of Jinding algorithm:

The number of winning only one shop: 808 The number of only losing one shop: 797

Number of consecutive victories: 390 Number of consecutive losses: 394

The number of three consecutive victories: 192 The number of three consecutive losses: 206

Number of four consecutive victories: 109 Number of four consecutive losses: 114

Number of five consecutive victories: 51 Number of five consecutive losses: 45

Number of consecutive victories: 25 Number of consecutive losses: 22

Number of seven consecutive victories: 18 Number of seven consecutive losses: 9

Number of consecutive victories: 3 Number of consecutive losses: 6

Number of consecutive victories: 6 Number of consecutive losses: 4

Number of consecutive victories: 2 Number of consecutive losses: 5

Number of consecutive victories: 2 Number of consecutive losses: 1

Number of 12 consecutive victories: 1 Number of consecutive 12 consecutive losses: 0

Number of 13 consecutive victories: 0 Number of 13 consecutive losses: 1

Total Wins: 3,263 Total Lost: 3,237 Total: 6500

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