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Baccarat Game

Baccarat Game Encyclopedia Won’t Let You Lose Teaching

Baccarat Game skills: The formula is to see Zhuang and Zhuang, see leisure and leisure, see jump and jump, lose three and pause, lose five and win six, and stop at five or five.

1. No betting on the first hand. If you open a bank first, then follow the buy bank, and go straight to the bank. If the first hand is free, then buy the free, and then follow the free. Do not buy sums (TIE) and do not calculate sums.

2. If you originally followed Zhuang, after Zhuang broke (that is, Xian began to appear), then change to follow Xian, and follow Xian until Xian broke. In the same way, if you originally followed Xian, then after Xian is cut off (that is, when Zhuang begins to appear), you will change to follow Zhuang, and go straight to Zhuang. It keeps repeating.

Baccarat Game
Baccarat Game

Example: B B B B B P P P. In the sixth hand, Zhuang broke out of the free time, so the seventh hand began to follow the purchase of free time.

3. If you lose two hands in a row with the banker or the player, you can change to “jump” with the buy (the opposite of buying the previous hand. That is, the previous hand is open, and the next hand is the banker. And vice versa), follow until the jump is broken, Then turn back to follow the village or follow the leisure. If the jump is broken in the Zhuanglian, then switch to follow the village;

Example 1: B P B P B P P P. The second hand is to buy the banker, and the result is the idle, and the first hand is lost; the third hand is to buy the idle, and the result is the banker and loses both hands. Because of losing two hands in a row, it turns to follow the jump, and the fourth hand buys the third-hand banker. Contrary, That is to buy free, the fifth hand buys the banker, the sixth hand buys the free, the seventh hand buys the banker, but the seventh hand is actually free, so this single jump road is cut off from the seventh hand, so the eighth hand turns Buy leisure.

Example 2: P P P B P B P B P B P B B B B. The second hand is with Xian, the fourth hand is idle and Zhuang loses one hand, so the fifth hand is with Zhuang, but in fact it is idle. At this time, Zhuang Xian has lost two hands in a row, so turn and jump, the sixth hand buys Zhuang, and the third Seventh hand to buy leisure… buy to the thirteenth hand and jump out, leaving Lian Zhuang, so the fourteenth hand turns to follow the Zhuang.

4. If you lose three hands in a row, you should suspend betting. During the suspension of betting, continue to make virtual bets in your mind until the virtual bet wins two hands in a row, and then resume the real bet.

Example: … B B B P B B P P B B P B P B P B. In the fourth hand, Zhuang Duan plays the idle and loses the first hand, the fifth hand follows the idle but the banker loses, the second hand, the sixth hand and the jump buy the idle but the banker loses, and loses the third hand, so far three consecutive losses, must be suspended Bet. But I continue to bet in my mind: since the fifth and sixth hands are consecutive, so the seventh hand and the banker (virtual) lose one hand, and the seventh hand is actually free,

so the eighth hand buys the banker (virtual) and wins one hand (virtual) , the ninth move continues with Xian but the banker (empty), loses a hand, the tenth hand wins a hand with Zhuang (empty), the eleventh hand loses a hand with Zhuang (empty), the 10th hand loses with the idle again (empty) One hand (empty), at this time, Zhuang Xian has lost two hands in a row (empty), so it should be changed to jumping,

so the thirteenth hand and jumping buy the idle to win one (empty), the fourteenth hand and the jumping buy the banker to win the second Hand (virtual), at this time the virtual bet has won two hands in a row, so the real bet should be resumed on the fifteenth hand, continue to call the buy jump (buy the player), and go straight to the jump and then switch to the banker.

5. The stop loss point is five bets. As long as you lose five bets in a SHOE card, you must resolutely leave the table. The take-profit point is six bets. If the accumulative win reaches six bets, in principle, this shoe card should not be played again. But there are exceptions: if you are in a winning streak when you win to the sixth bet, you should continue to bet until you lose a hand and then stop (so sometimes you can only win five bets per shoe,

sometimes more than six bets); if If the profit exceeds the take-profit point by 4 bets (ie 10 bets) or more, you can continue to bet until you lose two consecutive hands and then stop; From the high point, you lose back to three bets and then stop (for example, you can win up to 16 bets, and when you lose to 13 bets, you must stop).

6. If a shoe card consists of eight decks of cards, the fifty-fifth hand shall be the stopping point. When reaching the fifty-fifth hand, if you are in a loss or a draw, you should stop resolutely; if you are in a winning streak, you should continue to bet until you lose a hand and then stop.

The advantages of this method are that it is easy to learn, remember and use, requires less principal (you only need five chips to play), you can only lose five bets in a game, but you can win up to twenty bets when you are lucky. This “Smile Heart Method” is an improvement made by me referring to a set of betting methods whose original text is in English.

The improved method is obviously better than the original method, but the effect of long-term application has yet to be verified by computer. Before the test, you can only use this method to make small bets, please do not make heavy bets for the time being.

Baccarat Game is literally an entertainment game.

To put it bluntly, baccarat teaching is a game of guessing the size of the game. Players can choose to bet on the banker or the player. To put it bluntly, it is completely determined by personal subjective judgment. In fact, there is no scientific theoretical knowledge as the basis for betting. But despite this, there are still many players who have summed up some baccarat betting skills based on years of experience, for the reference of players who like to play baccarat:

1. Guessing puzzles regularly; when there is no long banker or long game, many players like to bet the second banker or the second player. This is actually a kind of regular guessing, because the biggest advantage of playing baccarat entertainment game is that you don’t have to play every hand. Play all the time, and the chance of winning by guessing regularly is better than guessing randomly.

2. There are three and four; this is what many players often say, which means that if there are three bankers (or three players) in a row, then the fourth card must also be the banker’s (or the player’s win), which is actually nonsense. There is no theoretical basis to talk about it. If there is a certain truth, it is completely a psychological effect, just like Yichang and Zhuangchangxian.

3. Be sure to get in the car; it usually means that when there is a long banker and a long player, you don’t bet on the first few cards, you insert in the middle, and the result happens to be a jump card. You bet the banker, and the player wins, you bet the player, and the result Zhuang wins. So if you miss this bus, you’d better wait patiently for the next one, don’t rush to catch the missed bus.

4. Betting on the trend; during the baccarat game, there are often situations such as long banker, long idle or continuous single jump. According to this phenomenon, many players will continue to buy banker, buy idle or buy orders to jump. For example, if the dealer wins four hands in a row,

most gamblers will still bet the banker on the fifth hand. In fact, the probability that the banker will win the fifth hand or the idle win has not changed, but psychologically speaking, everyone thinks that the banker will win at this time. The fortune is relatively strong, so bet on the banker.

Accumulate small wins for big wins

In the casino process, about 70% of the time is fluctuating, and only about 30% of the time is unilaterally rushing or falling, so accumulating small wins into big wins is the magic weapon for long-term success. The ancients said: Do not do good for small things, and do not do evil for small things.

We move it to financial management, which can be understood as: don’t be too greedy, enter the market in batches. When entering the fight, the funds should be small, although the profit is less, but the accumulation of small wins is a big victory, which is a constant victory. I always want to win and make a fortune at one time, but it may be that the profits I have come to nothing because of not leaving the market in time. There are too many examples of such greed, I believe everyone has encountered it.

We can do the math. If an investor earns 2% every time at the casino, it cannot be said that it is very difficult for the investor, then doing it 10 times a year is a 20% gain. Think about the stock god Buffett’s average annual income of just over 22%.

Of course, this calculation may be too idealistic. In reality, there are times when mistakes are made and there are times when losses are made. In any case, if the average annual return is more than 15%, even 10% is fine. If investors can achieve such results, congratulations, you should be classified as an investment master as a matter of course.


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