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Analysis of slot machine odds of winning and rate of return

Slot Machine Probability Myths

I think many people mistakenly think that the RTP of slot machines can be adjusted at will. Today, the casino administrator can adjust it higher when he is in a good mood, and lower it when he is in a bad mood. But in fact, this is a big myth! The slot machines in the entertainment city are basically purchased from well-known manufacturers. These manufacturers have many years of experience. In addition to understanding the tastes of consumers, they also know how much return rate can keep customers. At this time, you may be You will think “What is the rate of return of the slot machine?”.

Generally, the RTP of slot machines produced by word-of-mouth manufacturers falls between 75% and 95%. In the long run, of course, the more you play, the more you win, but sometimes it has a lot to do with luck. It means that someone sits for a whole day but loses everything, while someone plays a few hands and wins all the money you invested today into his own pocket.

Slot Machine RTP Return Rate

It was mentioned just now that the RTP of slot machines falls between 75% and 95%, which means that slot machines have a winning rate of at least 70%. The machine returns at least 70% of the betting money, but this is the result of big data analysis, and it does not mean that every player can get back more than 70% of the betting money every time they play.

A simple example is to bet on a machine with an RTP of 80%. You only bet 1 yuan each time and have a chance to get back 80 yuan after 100 consecutive bets. The bonus is gone.

Do you want to choose a machine with a higher RTP rate of return, or a machine with a lower rate?

In fact, it depends on what kind of winning method you like! how to say? This is actually a very simple concept. Usually, a machine with a higher RTP rate of return will win less money at one time; while a machine with a lower RTP rate of return has a greater chance of winning the big prize once. In addition, most of the machines with high RTP return rate will be placed on the outermost edge to attract passers-by and novices to bet. They usually have a bright appearance and sound effects that make you feel that you are almost winning the lottery to attract you to continue betting. High RTP Machines with a return rate increase their confidence; machines with a lower RTP rate of return are the favorites of the masters, because when someone feeds these slot machines, it is the moment when they return with a full reward.

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Slot Machine Winning Frequency

What is the winning frequency of slot machines? Simply put, it is the probability that the screen is a winning combination within a certain period of time. The higher the slot machine winning frequency, the smaller the winning amount; the lower the slot machine winning rate, the higher the winning amount. It is worth noting that the calculation method of the frequency of winning prizes will be included in the calculation regardless of the size of the prize. It is almost impossible to simply calculate the frequency of the prizes, because the prizes are not opened every day, and it is impossible for players to be on the scene 24 hours a day Waiting, so you can only calculate the frequency of winning prizes including small prizes.

In order to achieve the expected income, the most important condition for players is whether the funds are sufficient. The higher the funds, the higher the probability of winning the big prize. However, if the winning frequency is too high, it is easy to happen. Although they often win prizes, they still lose money. Yes, so high winning frequency is not necessarily a good thing. Although a too low chance of winning means a super high prize, it will require a relatively large amount of funds, so you need to be very cautious in choosing a machine to make a stable profit from the slot machine.

The calculation of the winning frequency cannot only be calculated when winning money. Under the mechanism of multiple paylines, even if you do not bet on all the paylines, as long as there are paylines and winning combinations, you will be considered a winner. Such a situation will also be counted. In the winning frequency.

4 things you need to know about playing slot machines

1. Calculate the probability of winning the slot machine

It takes a lot of time and patience to calculate the winning probability of a slot machine. Most of the time, it takes several hours to observe the winning probability of one slot machine. It is a better way to calculate the winning probability of multiple slot machines at the same time. The winning probability of each slot machine will not exceed 8% and the minimum will not be less than 3%. This is the information displayed by big data, so it has very high credibility, and the slot machine has a high winning frequency In the time spent, more than 70% of the chips bet by the previous players must be spit out, which is why the winning amount of the slot machine is so high. Generally, the winning probability will be recorded in the casino, but players want to know only themselves. calculated.

2. Balance of slot machine probability

Slot machine chances are too high or too low. If you want to pursue high returns and choose a slot machine with a low winning rate, but the chips in your hand are not enough to support the big prize, you will lose everything. If you want a stable However, because the RTP return rate exists, there is no way to fully recover the cost. The best way is to find a machine with a low RTP return rate and the winning frequency has been mastered.

3. Choose the right time

The draw time of the slot machine is usually when the crowd is the most crowded. This is also to make other players feel that the slot machine is easy to win, so the best time to play is when the crowd is the most dense.

4. Calculate the probability that the chips are suitable

As mentioned above, each slot machine probability will have different expected results. If you want to win the big prize, you will need a lot of chips to keep trying. Eighth, if you play a slot machine with a winning probability for an hour, then we will have about five minutes to win the prize. These five minutes are very critical. Although super prizes are not easy to appear, there is still a good chance of a prize of tens of times Yes, so choose a machine with an 8% chance of winning at peak times to bet, and most of the time you can get your money back.

Speaking of which, everyone knows why you leave as soon as you win? Because when you win the lottery at the peak hour, if you have to wait until the next time you win the lottery, it must not be the most crowded time, and the chance of winning at this time will decrease, so every time As long as you make money, stop as soon as possible. This is the safest way to play.

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