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PT Slot Machine VS Fruit Slot Machine Introduction

PT”Slot Machine”

PT”Slot Machine” would like to share some years of experience in playing slot machine games. Slot machine games are the kind of games that let you taste the sweetness enough to make you addicted. Maybe many people don’t know it very well. slot games,

It’s quite boring. I recommend PT as the slot machine because PT’s slot machine is indeed very perfect in randomness, which ensures the fairness of the game.

First briefly introduce the betting of the slot machine is mostly composed of line X line bets, choose your line bets and betting lines, and then start to enjoy, usually I don’t prefer games with too many betting lines, PT slot machines because that will Betting costs have been added,

Because winning is still calculated according to each single line. In order to attract customers, each slot machine will have a variety of high-odds bonus games. Usually, the slot machine will enter this mode when it spits out points, which is when we enjoy the harvest.

In this reward mode, we can usually achieve extremely high multiples of returns each time we cast, generally there will be more than 100 times the payout, and different games will even pay thousands of times the bet. This is the slot machine Exciting place.

“Slot machine” should be the right choice

Therefore, it is very important to correctly choose a slot game to bet on. Unfortunately, if you choose a slot machine that earns points, it will really be like a tiger. The ratio is generally 90%.

That is to say, it will spit out 90 points when it reaches 100 points. Of course, this does not mean that you lose 100 yuan. It says that it will spit out 90 yuan to you, because the slot machine has a low betting amount each time, and the minimum line bet is 0.01 yuan. , the line can be lined up to 50 lines,

This is determined by different games. For example, if we choose 0.1 line bet, if there are 25 lines, the total bet amount per turn is 2.5 yuan, and the slot machine will also send some small prizes every time you bet, through This kind of continuous payout has already been spit out to you in proportion,

So when you encounter this kind of machine, although you feel as if you have been winning some small prizes, the final score will be less and less, so this is not what we want to choose. In this case, don’t have illusions about it, just change the machine. It is a sensible choice.

If you are not sure which machine is giving out points, we can try it with a lower bet first. If the payout is not smooth, you can choose another one and try again. PT slot machine until you choose the game that is giving out points. The machine spit out points When the game is more obvious, the payout is more,

Almost every bet will have a payout higher than the bet, that is, you can increase the betting amount appropriately, remember that it is only appropriate, generally you can increase the line bet by one level, this type of game will usually enter the reward mode soon, Or transfer out of the game to transfer high-multiplier pattern combinations.

Look at the crazy upward spin points, enjoy it, bet about 2 yuan in the PT slot machine as an example, it is more common to get a score of more than 200 in the reward mode, and the payout of 500 to 10,000 is a bit of a surprise, and finally I have to mention Let’s play the cumulative game,

The jackpot in the slot machine is definitely worthy of attention, and the jackpot has its certain regularity. When it accumulates to a certain amount, it will randomly burst into a certain client.

Some players may have doubts and don’t know if the jackpot is real. They often see websites saying that someone has won a high jackpot. It may be a promotional method.

But today I can responsibly tell you that the jackpot is absolutely real, because I was very lucky to win the jackpot of Fruit Maniac in Dafabet, which totaled more than 240,000. Note X5 line = 9.35 yuan,

This is the charm of the slot machine. After that, I once paid attention to the jackpot of the fruit maniac. Its jackpot usually reaches about 260,000 yuan. The client is playing the game.

Therefore, deliberate pursuit is not encouraged, but you can pay attention to it appropriately. Players who like to play slot machine games are welcome to communicate with each other on how to turn a tiger into a cat.

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Fruit “slot machine”

Fruit slot machine Fruit machine (fruit machine) generally has a big rule. If small mangoes and small stars appear continuously, and they are played 4 times within 5 hands, then a big star will appear soon! If small stars appear in a row (preferably 3 or 4 in a row),

The fruit slot machine may produce 3 or 4 handfuls of small oranges in a row, then a big watermelon will appear soon! If there are small 7s in a row (preferably more than 4 in a row), small mangoes are also available in the middle, then a big 7 is about to be released! If apples appear consecutively,

5 times or more within 10 hands, then the BAR award will be issued soon! ! And if the first time it is 25 times, then it will be released in the future, and it will not exceed 15 hands.

The probability is 60%

4. If there are two big bells, big oranges, and big mangoes in a row that are all big bells, then there will be a while in the future, and then there will be big 7s for a while. This is an opportunity to seize at the time of sending points for the machine!

5. The situation of giving bonuses is issued when you basically score more than 20 points and lose a lot of points, and if you call a bonus once, it will appear in the next half an hour , press and hold the start key before starting to jump numbers, and generally a large number will be produced.

Follow these five steps and you will definitely succeed:

1. The fruit “slot machine” runs on the third apple in the lower right corner,

Betting method: orange 50 points, papaya 20 points, double star 5 points, watermelon 10 points;

2. Running on the little watermelon is the third one from the top corner,

Betting method: fruit slot machine double star 40 points, papaya 50 points, apple 50 points bell 30 points;

3. Running on the little bell is the second from the top left corner,

Betting method: orange 50 points, papaya 20 points, apple 50 points, watermelon 15 points;

4. Running on the little apple is the second from the upper right corner,

Betting method: watermelon 50 points, papaya 50 points, orange 35 points, double star 40 points;

5. Run on the jump light on the right,

Apple 50 Papaya 10.

If you fail to score in the above 5 steps of the fruit slot machine, you can continue to run again. The winning rate is 85%. It is best to play this machine with two people. Don’t bet on others’ bets. If you are not sure, you can empty one or two hands. When you open 6 apples in a row, you can bet on Tianmen.

Bet 10 points and you can get it, but it’s hard to say if it’s more than 10 points. After the small bell, the probability of opening an orange is 65% Apple 20% Watermelon 5% Papaya 10% After a small apple, papaya 30% Orange 15% Big apple 40% Watermelon 10% % double star 5%,

After papaya, open watermelon 25% double star 25% apple 30% orange 20% after small orange open bell 60% orange 30% apple 5% watermelon 5%, bet points can be bet according to the above 5 steps.

How to check whether the machine has scored points: When the conditions meet one of the above 5 steps, draw a small double 7, and then bet on Apple for 50 points to run out of any of the small points in the big triple (small watermelon; small double star; small double 7) The machine is about to start to eat points,

At this time, you can stop and watch others play, and you can start playing again when the machine turns on three apples and no one bets.

The rules of playing lottery should be turned to the middle position, the big colored lights are on, please pay attention! If two or three lights are turned off in a row, the fruit slot machine is in the state of eating points, change the machine, otherwise it will eat as much as you give it!

If the lottery hits a big bell, then there will be a big bell or a big orange in the last 3 hands, the probability is 60%! If the hit is a big mango, then the next hand may still be a big mango, or the machine will be in a state of scoring points soon!

Be careful! If you hit a big star or something, then there will be big ones in the next few moves! If you hit an apple, and you hit two apples! ! Then the machine will give out the big prize BAR within 15 hands. The probability is 70%.

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